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My name is Sammy. I'm a small town girl born in Texas,  raised in Nebraska.  I have a passion for building, fixing  and creating beautiful things! 
As a independent contractor I traveled all over and worked on the road for about 10 years.  I'm a welder by trade and own/operate a welding and fabrication business.  After meeting the love of my life and combining our families we decided it was time for me to stay closer to home and eventually stay home full time. We decided I would only pull the welding jobs part time on the weekends.

  After a couple weeks of cleaning everything that could be cleaned and folding everything that could be folded, I became stir crazy. I was finally at a point where I could wear cute girly clothes instead of work clothes but had no jewelry!  I started with charms and with every pair I made came idea after idea until I discovered leather earrings.  From there I learned a new craft and Little Bits & Pieces was born!

Here you'll find my unique ideas put into jewelry! I hope you love these pieces as much as I love designing and creating them!

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