Summer Joy Silver

Earthy and bold are probably the best words to describe Summer Joy Silver's style. Primarily using North American turquoise, their jewelry is also occasionally highlighted by other captivating stones, with all designs supporting an effort to revive the American Spirit. 

Summer, Tucson-born founder and creator, thrives on the creative process, and considers creating jewelry a passion. "It's always new," she says. "Even two pieces with the same design will have their own unique challenges." Summer has grown up around stones and jewelry, attending gem shows with her parents from an early age. Smithing her own designs has been a natural progression from this childhood exposure. Today, her inspiration comes from the natural beauty surrounding her Hill Country home west of San Antonio.

The pieces you will see here will range from simple to ornate, with heirloom-quality and passion for all things western in mind....and of course, handmade with love in Texas.