Lightest Weight Southwestern Earrings

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These earrings are Amazing!!

I found these on a recent trip to Santa Fe!

If you have sensitive ears , these earrings are for YOU!! They are the lightest weight earrings ever! But amazing quality.   They are aluminum and will not tarnish!

Incredible southwest designs

Choose by letter

Sizes are as follows ..measurement from wire bend

A Cross flower 2"

B  Cross sunburst 2"

C.  Cross zia 2" 

D.  Circle flower 2"

E. Turtle 2.75"

F.  Bear 2"

G.  Diamond shape Aztec 2.5"

H. Diamond shape flower 2.5"

I.   Circle flower. 2.25"

J.  Circle sunburst. 2.25"

K.  Circle Turtle. 2.25"

L. Oval hoop 2.25"

M. Round hoop 2 3/8"

N Triangle Aztec 3"

O  Rectangle sunburst 2.75"

P  Rectangle Kokopelli 2.75"

Q.  Rectangle aztec 2.75"

R. Oval Kokopelli 2.5"

S.  Oval Sunburst 2.5"

T. Oval Flower 2.5"

U. round large hoop 2.75"