Collection: Ropers Beads  Baha Ranch Western Wear

I’ve always had a love of jewelry and doing things my own way. We live in Oklahoma and team rope- I even roped in my wedding dress way back when. My business started by making trophy pieces to be given away at ropings, hence the name Ropers Beads. I made all sorts of earrings for myself for years that I loved and in time I started making more and more for others on request. Now, I spend most of my time beading jewelry. Lightweight, durable, unique,and pretty pieces that can be worn anywhere and doing anything. I wear large hoops everywhere I go, even when I rope or work outside, and get compliments from ladies of all ages. I have many repeat customers and that makes my heart so happy.  I use stainless steel so you never have to worry about tarnishing or changing. Thank you for supporting my passion and I hope you enjoy my pieces as much as I do. ~ Danielle, Ropers Beads