Collection: Leslie Le Coq Photography  Baha Ranch Western Wear

Leslie Le Coq is a fine art photographer based in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Growing up with all things nature became the inspiration behind her work.

Her love of art began with an education in graphic design. She later moved to San Francisco and worked in the commercial photography industry as a photo assistant, art director and producer that took her around the world on eye opening assignments. This experience eventually led her in a new direction; the art of capturing the expansive landscapes in all weather, hours of light and animals in the most simple, graphic and authentic way to their surroundings.

She has always had a bit of love for freedom in her soul, so she began to seek out dirt roads, unfamiliar places and anywhere off the beaten path in search of subjects that shared wide open spaces. Although with an appreciation and love for all animals great and small, she began riding horses at the age of 4 and learned the behavior and language of the horse, therefore the main subject of her work. This understanding and bond is still a part of her everyday life and she focuses her passion on photographing the diminishing wild herds of the West.

She is fueled when driving thousands of miles on unpaved, muddy roads in search of a distant blowing mane, or the discovery of a new angle, an untold story, or an iconic image, the search for her subjects is endless and captured due to her love of all things nature and the art of photography.