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Cobalt Blue Agate Slab Cuff Golden Bracelet

Cobalt Blue Agate Slab Cuff Golden Bracelet

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Experience the striking beauty of our Cobalt Blue Agate Slab Cuff Golden Bracelet, crafted and finished by hand with careful attention to detail. Adorned with a genuine blue agate slab on a lustrous gold-plated brass cuff, this bracelet opens and closes for a perfect fit every time. The natural, unique shape of the agate adds an extra touch of elegance to the already stunning piece, measuring approximately 2.5" in length and 2" in width. The 2.5" cuff diameter and weight of 2.96 oz provide a comfortable and luxurious feel. 


Description: Agate is a variety of chalcedony characterized by its fine grains and bright, multi-colored bands that range from nearly every hue. Commonly found in volcanic rocks, it forms as layers of silica fill cavities within rock, creating its signature banded appearance. Agates are highly versatile and used in various decorative and practical applications, from jewelry to ornamental stone.

Fun Fact: Agate was highly valued as a talisman in ancient times, believed to quench thirst and protect from fevers. Collectors often seek out specific patterns and colors, like the fiery reds of fire agate or the mystical blues of blue lace agate. Moreover, each type of agate is often associated with unique metaphysical properties, such as promoting mental clarity and stability in stressful times.

Natural variances are part of the beauty of our genuine stones. Your piece will vary slightly from the image shown.

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